June 12, 2023

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Next Meet-up is June 15. Mark your calendar for this upcoming Meet-up:
  • Thursday, June 15 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm - Vtown Provisions for a late lunch indoors or on their patio and conversation with chef and owner Nicole Hodge. Details at www.neighborexchange.org/provisions/
If you can't make this Meet-up, please consider inviting a carful of your neighbors to join you at these businesses on another day.

Vallejo's Participatory Budget is the Newest Article. You may access it directly at https://neighborexchange.org/budget/. Usually, you will find our 4 newest articles featured on the home page at www.neighborexchange.org/.

Article Updates. Consider revisiting these past articles that we've updated with new information rather than create a new article.
  • Le Paris Artisan Gourmet CafĂ©. We've added photos from our Meet-up there on June 8 along with comments from chef and owner Jay Magsano. Details at www.neighborexchange.org/leparis
  • Provisions. We've added the news that Nicole Hodge is opening a second restaurant in downtown Vallejo in fall of 2023. Hoping she talks all about it at the upcoming Meet-up. Details at at www.neighborexchange.org/provisions/.
You can see a list of all the articles we've published at https://neighborexchange.org/articles/

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