February 27, 2023

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Successful Launch. Thanks for helping us launch the Hiddenbrooke Neighbor Exchange! This is the first issue of our newsletter to keep viewers up-to-date on our articles and activities.

Page Views. We are thrilled to share that we have had over 1,400 page views from over 600 unique visitors to our Hiddenbrooke Neighbor Exchange blog since our first article in early January. The most-viewed articles so far are listed below:

Article Title Page Views
Vacancy: What Should Replace Dry Cleaners? 223
Knowing Your WineMaker 138
Family Farm Fresh 116
Glamorous Airport Travel 107
Picture-Perfect Pet Sitter 59
Celebrity Chef: Dining Adventure 59
Blossoming Friendship 52
Staying Strong 29
Clear Thoughts on Gutter Cleaning 15
Cutting it Close By 7

Business Offers. The encouragement from local businesses is gratifying. Elkhorn Peak Cellars created a special landing page on their website that is only viewable to people who click-through from our blog article about them. They say over 14 people have visited them as a direct result of their exclusive offer. Also, Gary Aliperti Floral Designs shared a special Valentine’s Day bouquet offer in our article about their business. Plus, Pizza Guys on Tennessee Street in Vallejo offered a 25% off promo code for online orders because we mentioned that they deliver to Hiddenbrooke. You’ll find the promo code in the comments of the dry cleaner vacancy article at www.neighborexchange.org/vacancy/.

Hiddenbrooke Meet-up on March 2. We will have our first Hiddenbrooke Neighbor Meet-up at the Coal Shed Brewery on Mare Island on Thursday, March 2 from 5-8 p.m. To learn more about the coal sheds and our meet-up, go to www.neighborexchange.org/coalshed/. Newsletter subscribers will be among the first to learn about future meet-ups so subscribe to our newsletter at CLICK HERE or use the button below.

Our goal is to help Hiddenbrooke community residents discover common interests and connect with local businesses. We spotlight articles in Nextdoor, Facebook, and Instagram that link to our website at www.neighborexchange.org. Do you know a local business we should spotlight? Email your article topic suggestions to us.
Thanks for embracing our Hiddenbrooke Neighbor Exchange initiative!

Ed Thomas and Tiger Adolf
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