May 11, 2024

Hi subscriber,

Here's the new content on the website since our last newsletter:
  • Welcome to New Neighbors at We've added a new home page navigation tab labeled "Welcome" to provide basic information of interest to new and prospective Hiddenbrooke residents. Please help us convey this information to the new folks you see moving in on your street, and to prospective neighbors should you decide to rent or sell your home. Also, help us share the link with local Realtors and others you know who may come into contact with new neighbors. Please note we've tried to keep the page details succinct with lots of links to authoritative places for details so this information doesn't become so quickly out-of-date. Also, we've included space for comments from others who want to add information to the page.
See a list of all the articles we've published at Thanks for continuing to email us your article topic suggestions and meet-up location recommendations.

Ed Thomas and Tiger Adolf

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